The challenges facing companies today places new emphasis on efficiency, cost-consciousness, and reliability; choosing a partner to manage your fleet resources. Vector Fleet Management has tailored its programs to provide solutions to the challenges of companies faces today, including the age of the fleet, the diversity of the equipment and the availability of qualified technicians. With over 33 years of experience focused on fleet maintenance, we have developed programs to achieve the company’s goals of reducing costs and vehicle downtime and improving operating efficiencies and the quality of services to the company’s departments.

Vector Fleet Management understands the complexity of managing a fleet in a large company environment, where the issues are varied and often costly to correct.

We understand:

  • We need to be responsive to the needs of the individual users
  • Vehicle use is high and necessary to support essential services
  • Schedules are demanding and dynamic
  • Performance standards are stringent
  • Vehicle age and mileage may be extended for budgetary reasons
  • Emergency situations call for extraordinary support even for extended periods

Our solutions to these challenges enable us to conserve costs, maintain flexibility and productivity to meet all performance objectives. We rely on actual cost and productivity data taken from our Fleet Management Information System, TMT, to pin point areas for improvement and track industry advances that may be incorporated into our operation. We are continuously seeking ways to improve our contract performance by analyzing our work methods, technician skill mix, the shop work structure and the labor resources. Although many issues facing companies are not unique, Vector Fleet views each contract and customer as unique; we evaluate each site on its own merit, weighing potential benefit against risks and costs. Using this proactive approach, we take the lead in suggesting improvements rather than waiting for the company to make suggestions.