Transit Fleet Maintenance & Management

The success of a Transit fleet program is directly dependent upon the proper management and maintenance of the fleet. No one is more experienced and capable of ensuring this success than Vector Fleet Management. For more than 31 years, we’ve been delivering fleet management solutions including turnkey maintenance, which has helped our customers maximize the value of their fleet assets. Our proven approach has yielded cost savings and operational efficiencies at every stage of our customer’s fleet lifecycle. We provide a qualified, experienced, and dedicated local management team, responsible for the day-to-day operation of all divisions of the maintenance system in an efficient and effective manner.

VFM can provide the following core and supplemental services:

  • Operation and management of fixed and paratransit route systems
  • Evaluation of public transportation service for efficiency, effectiveness, potential integration of flex routes and route deviation, customer service, and other factors
  • Driver training and safety programs
  • Fleet management planning to identify appropriate vehicle size and fueling to support the public transportation service
  • Prepare applications for federal, state, and local funding for operating and capital grants
  • FTA documentation and compliance, including Triennial Reviews
  • Vehicle maintenance plan that includes preventative maintenance, scheduling and safety inspection
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) program, with automated notification of PM due
  • Emergency services
  • Arrange towing for disabled vehicles and equipment
  • Supplies, parts, and subcontract work.
  • In-shop servicing
  • Subcontractor management
  • Safety and security awareness plan
  • Administration of outside repairs
  • New vehicle prep/decommissioning
  • Priority repair of critical vehicles as determined by the facilities
  • State & Federal Inspections
  • FMIS for providing customized reporting, data information, scheduling, inventory and warranties
  • Vehicle retirement-replacement program
  • Exhaust emission measurement/correction
  • On-the-job specialized training for technicians
  • Technician training and certification program
  • Washing and cleaning vehicles
  • Cost savings recommendations
  • Meetings and communication plans

Vector Fleet Management invests in our people, our operations and the community.