What Does a Fluid Analysis Program Do For Me?

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What Does a Fluid Analysis Program Do For Me?

What Does a Fluid Analysis Program Do For Me?

Vector Fleet Management’s Fluid Analysis Program is a preventive maintenance tool that provides a picture of both the fluid condition, and the internal condition of a component or system with disassembly.

Imagine being able to see exactly what’s happening inside of your engine, gearbox, or hydraulic system, without a complete teardown. With fluid analysis, you don’t have to imagine.
Fluid analysis systems use the vehicle, or component information to determine the internal metallurgic composition of their components, then look for those metallurgies in the oil to determine wear levels.

For example:
The typical main piston bearing is actually constructed in layers. For example, the first layer is Steel, and the second layer is Nickel, with the final layer being Copper. During analysis, excessive levels of Nickel are detected, then we know without a teardown, that the bearing has worn through its primary “friction” layer, and into its secondary layer, but not the final layer. Meaning that the bearing is due for replacement, or may cause severe internal damage.

Using Vector Fleet Management’s Oil Analysis Program, in partnership with Reladyne you can expect:

  • Extended Oil Drain Intervals

Get the most out of the fluids you are already paying for. Fewer oil changes minimize your costs, and increase uptime.

  • Extended Equipment Life

Monitoring system cleanliness and the efficiency of your filtration systems allows you to keep your equipment longer, and reduce replacement costs due to failures.

  • Identify minor problems, before they become a major failure

State of the art analysis will identify dirt, wear materials, fuel dilution, and coolant. These are all contaminants that will cause catastrophic failures and shorten equipment lifespans.

  • Maximize the reliability of your assets

Testing and analysis ensures that units are up, running, and reliable.

  • Increase the resale value of your fleet

Analysis results provide valuable sample histories that justify a higher resale value. This will also decrease the chances of ever having a major repair cost.


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