January 2018 Newsletter – Pre-trip Inspections

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January 2018 Newsletter – Pre-trip Inspections

Vector Fleet implements detailed management plans for every aspect of fleet maintenance. We also provide a catalyst to launch improvements in driver / operator contributions to fleet maintenance and safety. See below for an example of how our programs incorporate accountability into your fleet activity:

Pre-trip inspections increase safety and maximize uptime. Not to mention they are a regulatory requirement. Our team provides calibrated air gauges to drivers / operators, then instruct them to follow the steps below:


  1. Check your tires for proper inflation. If a tire is 20% below its targeted PSI, it is considered flat and should be replaced. Also, dual tires should be within 10 PSIs of each other.
  2. Check your valve caps to make sure they are properly secured.
  3. Look for tread wear and check proper tread depth.
  4. Check for tire cuts or bulges in the sidewall.
  5. Check wheel and lug nut conditions. Make sure there is no rust or bends.
  6. Inspect suspension components.

These proven steps will help avoid tire failures and reduce fleet downtime and tire related costs. Get a free fleet maintenance cost analysis.

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