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Key Elements of our Solutions – Segment 1 of 9

Key Elements of our Solutions - Segment 1 of 9Over the next three months, Vector Fleet Management will be highlighting key elements of our solutions in a series of 9 segments. The first segment below includes an overview of services offered by Vector Fleet and the associated benefits of an internalized fleet maintenance program.

Services Offered by Vector Fleet and the Associated Benefits of an Internalized Program

As a partner in fleet maintenance, we deliver customized dedicated fleet maintenance and management programs that minimize breakdown maintenance, reduce capital costs, lessen excessive repairs and major component failures, decrease operator inconvenience and most importantly ensure the safe operation of your entire fleet.

Vector Fleet Management solutions include:

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling and Repair Protocols

This is designed to achieve a level of performance and eliminates the requirement for unscheduled repairs.

Days/Hours of Fleet Maintenance Service

PM activities should not interfere with the operator’s normal required work schedule. PMs are scheduled at times mutually agreed upon, which drive fleet availability around your workload schedule.

Fleet Management Information System platform

VFM utilizes our FMIS system (or incumbent system) to establish and maintain an electronic record keeping and reporting system for all services being provided. This includes records of all maintenance, repair, and servicing activity performed on each vehicle.

Fayetteville Fleet Maintenance Team


Performance Metrics, Life Cycle Costing and Department Level Budgeting

VFM prepares a report containing a list of “PM No Shows” and any other pertinent information related to PMs. On a periodic basis, we also provide a report outlining statistical analysis, findings, and recommendations to enhance the overall maintenance of the fleet. We notify management of the applicable using agency whenever a vehicle is not delivered for service after a second notification. It is our policy to note the no shows and should the vehicle develop a problem that results in a repair to correct and the cause can be traced to the missed scheduled service.

Safety Protocols (OSHA, MSHA, State, and Client-specific initiatives)

We comply with all Federal State or local laws affecting job safety. At a minimum, we provide a written Safety Program, a “Lock out/Tag out” Program, a safety training program for maintenance facility employees, and a performance-based safety incentive program for all maintenance technicians.

Technician and Support Personnel Staffing

We provide your maintenance facility with all staffing needs. We will provide a full management team, determined by your Scope of Work as well as professional determinations of needed staff. An example of a shop team includes a Business Analyst, Administrative Services Staff, a Site Manager, as well as a full suite of technicians of variable specialties. We also provide parts specialists and any other specialty staff that may need to be considered to meet your needs.

Facility Specs

We perform maintenance and repair services at the customer’s maintenance facility, a dedicated lease site or at any other site within the geographic boundaries of the customer’s location. The facility remains the property of our customer and will be leased to us for a charge of $1.00 per year. We will not use the facility for work on vehicles or equipment not owned or leased by the customer.

Parts & Tire Supply and Management

VFM furnishes all parts, tires, and supplies necessary to maintain and repair the vehicles and equipment represented by the provided Vehicle Listing. Parts will meet OEM specifications. We obtain our customer’s approval for new product lines before they are introduced into the parts supply. Parts installed on vehicles and equipment are identified by part number and cost on the maintenance work order.

Subcontracted Services Management

VFM is responsible for arranging and managing the conduct of outside repairs, such as glass and body repair, that cannot be performed economically in-house, and shall be responsible for continued review of the need for specific outside repairs as opposed to performing in-house repairs. These outside repairs may include bodywork and painting, glass replacement, transmission sealing and repair, radiator work, and such other work that can be utilized at minimum cost.

Emergency Response Planning

We work with our customers to develop a specific Emergency plan that will go into effect in the event of an emergency situation. This plan includes staffing commitments, response times, and a chain of contact. In addition to local, onsite personnel the managers from our other VFM facilities will be part of the plan, if necessary.

Waste Stream and Environmental Specifications

We maintain records of all hazardous chemicals and other hazardous waste. The records contain the materials’ origin, use, transportation, and ultimate distribution and disposal. All disposals will be in accordance with State and Federal laws and EPA regulations. We also provide training and management for employees working with and handling hazardous material, in accordance with laws and EPA regulations. VFM will hold the customer free of liability for all actions of VFM relating to waste disposal.

Service Transition & Implementation Plans

Achieving a successful transition presents more challenges than any other aspect of forging a successful public-private partnership. VFM is focused on making the transition experience as seamless as possible. In this effort, we possess the industry expertise and experience to ensure well-executed public/private partnership transitions.

Vector Fleet listens. We work with you to design a customized maintenance program that significantly reduces costs while increasing the performance of your fleet. VFM identifies the key elements of a successful fleet maintenance service program and ensures we will work together in a cohesive manner to consistently deliver high quality and cost-effective results.

In our next segment, we explain the optimal length of Vector Fleet contracts, key performance indicators, and cost modeling.

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