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Experts in the Private and Government Sectors – Segment 9

Experience Made Us Experts in the Private and Government Sectors - Segment 9

How VFM Experience with Clients has made us experts in the Private and Government Sectors

Vector Fleet Management is built on over 34 years of vehicle maintenance experience. We are uniquely suited to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Over those years of experience and the diverse clientele we have served, we have built a wealth of knowledge as well as a database of current and prior clients.

As we have served clients in food service, mining, city/county, and all varieties of industry we have developed custom fleet management plans for each one. As we proceed through the contracts with these clients we have insights into their KPI and how their companies/ municipalities have performed. With this knowledge, we can better determine how similar business practices will react when applied to your particular business.

Over the years, Vector has not only collected information and learned how to specifically operate your business, based on findings within the industry, but we have also gathered experts in the industry and filled our ranks with them. Every individual within Vector Fleet Management is not only well suited for the position they currently hold, they also have vast experiences in the real world, operating shops, turning the wrenches, and repairing equipment themselves.

For us, it is about more than just helping you save money, and bringing you a better experience. When you work with Vector you not only have a brand associated with decades of experience, but you are given access to teams of individuals with decades of experience in their respective fields.

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