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NAFA Certifications Going Completely Online

NAFANAFA, or the National Automotive Fleet Association, is the world’s largest non-profit membership association for people who manage fleets of vehicles for their employers. NAFA helps vehicle management professionals in their careers by providing certification, educational opportunities, advocacy, and peer networking opportunities. These things are absolutely essential for professionals in the field to achieve success.

Recently, NAFA has said that their certification programs for fleet management or fleet specialist will be available online this fall. This means that it will be easier for individuals to earn certification in programs such as the Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) and Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist (CAFS). This is indeed a welcome step forward in the certification process.

The content for the certification is still the same and students will still need to set aside study time in order to pass the test. However, since the testing will be done online it will make the testing process much easier. Students can take the test as their schedule permits. With the online computer testing opportunity, people with busy schedules will be able to obtain certification without the stress of finding a date and time that fits into their schedule. In addition, students will not have to drive to a testing center or find a testing center that is close to their home or jobsite.

Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM)

This is a comprehensive fleet management program. This program is for anyone who is currently working in the field, for someone who has worked in the field for over a year, or who is enrolled in a college program in fleet management.

Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist (CAFS)

This program allows candidates to select any four subjects of the 8 disciplines available. It takes two years to get through the educational process. You can take this exam if you have a year of experience or if you are enrolled in a college program in the field. After you have successfully completed this program, you are eligible to begin the CAFM program.

Students who want to take the certification tests online should note that certain computer requirements are necessary in order to take the test. Firstly, test takers will need internet access and a computer with up to date software and browsers. In addition, it’s necessary to have a working webcam and a microphone. If your webcam or microphone is not working, the testing system will notify you. Finally, it’s important to have a private space with no noise such as an office, home, a classroom, or library.

Because of this, NAFA is anticipating a successful transition into the online world of certification testing this fall.

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