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Fleet Maintenance Outsourcing

We all do it. We all outsource fleet maintenance work. However, is it your entire fleet or just a portion outsourced? Perhaps you are a “Never Outsourced” fleet manager. The “Never Outsourced” we will discuss later.

Whether a Private Commercial or Government Fleet, professional fleet managers strive for uptime, fleet availability, safety, cost reductions, quality of repair and skilled Technicians. As Fleet Managers, you have your own plan to accomplish these goals as best you can. They are, In-House fleet maintenance, complete outside vendor network, or an onsite dedicated fleet maintenance provider (Such as Vector Fleet Management) and the “Never Outsource bunch”

  • In-House Fleet Maintenance. This is typically your private company or government employed technicians, shop managers, parts clerks, etc. If you have your own in-house technicians, why would you have a need to outsource any fleet maintenance work? Usually in-house operations will outsource paint & bodywork and warranty work covered under an OEM or dealer network for deep-level diagnostics and fault code resets. Some in-house fleets are just not able to keep their technicians trained on the latest technology. Most likely, under today’s atmosphere, there is a lack of able-bodied employees. What we see across the nation for in-house fleet maintenance operations is a combination of it all, resulting in downtime, uncontrolled repair quality and sky-high expenses.
  • Outsourced Vendor Network. Fleet managers may be faced with a large fleet and without their own shop. Your fleet may be spread out over dozens of locations or centralized. Either way, some fleet managers are faced with a complete vendor outsource network. No matter your relationship with vendors, these fleets lose control over every goal they try to achieve. On-Time repairs, low cost, and the ability to control repair times and cost.
  • “Never Outsourced” Fleet. Well, some fleet manager’s pride their operations to the point that a “little warranty work”, or fault code reset or “technical issue” does not qualify as outsourcing. As fleet get newer, these outsourcing reasons will and do become a daily occurrence and fleet managers can get used to this limited outsourcing. We have seen these types of fleet outsource upwards of 24%-30% of their work.

Reality is this. As a fleet manager, you will outsource some fleet maintenance work. The question is, how much and how can you control your outsourcing? At Vector Fleet Management, we offer a complete dedicated fleet maintenance program, performed right in your own garage. (In some cases, we have constructed shops for our customers). As a national fleet maintenance company, we average less than 2% outsourcing of fleet maintenance work. We bring those OEM warranty jobs in-house, the deep-level diagnostics and fault code resets right under your roof. Vector Fleet Management will also service your fleet without interruption or delay, no matter the reason.

As a fleet manager, if you wish to take complete control of your fleet maintenance operations, look to Vector Fleet Management’s dedicated fleet maintenance programs. By outsourcing with us, you will bring the control back in-house!

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