The Benefits of Outsourcing Fleet Maintenance

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance providers can take the strain of hiring technicians, keeping the shop organized, inventory and maintaining conditions that are safe for all. In the coming weeks, we’ll break down the Fleet, Operational and Financial Impact of outsourcing fleet maintenance. In the meantime, here are some high-level benefits of having a third party fleet maintenance service provider:

  1. Reducing Downtime –Nonfunctional vehicles and units can impact your return on investment. A third party maintenance provider should have a close location or onsite shop and also provide mobile services for emergencies.
  2. Cost Effective –Outsourcing minimizes repeat repairs and breakdowns by putting more time and effort into training and managing staff. With all types of fleets, this has resulted in management techniques which improve technician productivity, control subcontractors and parts costs to keep overall fleet maintenance costs down. To reduce overhead costs, your third-party provider should have major local suppliers preposition fast moving parts in the shop for use and absorb inventory carrying costs.
  3. Risk Mitigation–When a company operates its own maintenance facility, there is a high risk to staff and vehicles. If one of your company employees is hurt on the job, that will come out of the fleet’s budget, which will impact the bottom line. If the technician misses a repair and it leads to an accident, that will lead the company to be held liable. A Third party maintenance provider will reduce exposure to risk with the chances of accidents, OSHA citations, and liability insurance premiums. Engaging a third party maintenance provider can be beneficial for maintaining hazardous waste disposal and complying with OSHA regulations, employee safety, facility safety and environmental concerns that could result in fines.
  4. Providing Fleet Data and Communication –Data history of every unit in your fleet is crucial. This can improve cost and overall fleet efficiency. This data includes detailed maintenance records and inspection information that can be viewed and downloaded online. This information is reviewed by the company by a Vector Fleet Maintenance Manager on a monthly basis.
  5. Top Quality Staff –The Site Manager is one of the cornerstones of establishing a successful contract. Vector Fleet fully expects that the Site Manager will work closely and cooperatively with the Contract Administrator on a daily basis and will be the primary point of contact for all matters relating to the maintenance and upkeep of the fleet. As such, the Site Manager will have proven technical and managerial experience in the field of fleet management, maintenance, and repair. A third party provider is responsible for selecting personnel to perform the services and for determining and providing wages, salaries, and benefits for its employees. Staffing requirements are set forth to minimize disruption of service and to preserve the comprehensive training efforts, specific to the fleet.Vector Fleet is a proponent of ASE and EVT certifications for our technicians and managers.All prospective candidates will be required to complete a physical and will be medically certified that they are free of communicable diseases, and pass a drug screening. In addition, third party maintenance provider should conduct a thorough background check on each prospective candidate, while also verifying employment history and education. Under no circumstances will any prospective candidate be hired before the successful completion of the pre-employment screening process.
  6. One Stop Shop – Having vast experience with all types of fleets, fuel systems, and hybrid technologies result in fleet management techniques which improve mechanic productivity, control subcontractor and parts costs and keep your overall fleet maintenance costs well below budget. This could result in potential savings in saving in the 15% to 20% range.
  7. Emergencies – The maintenance provider can mobilize the maintenance facility and provide repair and maintenance services for the duration of emergency situations. Appropriate staffing levels will ensure continuous vehicle operational levels as determined by the customer. Emergency circumstances may occur outside of normal business hours of operations and may involve any number of employees, equipment, and vehicles.
  8. Scheduling – Preventative Maintenance activities should interfere minimally with the operators normally required work schedule. Therefore, vehicle and equipment PM’s should be scheduled at times mutually agreed upon. Third party maintenance provider is able to provide an automated PM schedule to the customer and sufficient lead time. PM schedule notification, referencing both the department and the unit number will be provided via email to the designated Department representative. The designated Department representatives and the vehicle and equipment operators will be responsible for keeping scheduled appointments for preventive maintenance.
  9. Growing Your Business –A fleet maintenance provider can provide new service locations and help to stay on top of peak, high-volume periods while increasing the team to meet customers needs.
  10. Parts –The fleet maintenance provider can purchase at a cost mutually agreed upon, the existing useable and non –obsolete active parts and supplies. A complete physical inventory will occur at the conclusion of which the provider will present a plan to purchase the inventory.

Our Value Proposition

Vector Fleet provides dedicated fleet maintenance and management programs which favorably impact costs, service levels and life expectancy of equipment. This is achieved through deploying skilled personnel, a world-class fleet management information system, vocation specific fleet planning and competitive parts and tire sourcing. These components are leveraged by an experienced management team utilizing proven maintenance strategies and tactics.

Vector Fleet consistently delivers on this mandate because maintenance is our only mission. Our singular focus on improving our clients’ maintenance performance, allows them to focus on their core business and improving their bottom-line.

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