Vector Fleet Management Wins City of Fayetteville Contract

Vector Fleet Wins City of Fayetteville ContractVector Fleet Management is proud to report the start of a 20-year relationship with the City of Fayetteville. Following another monumental win, our company is set to transform fleet management in Fayetteville, with factors such as improvement, cost management, and vehicle maintenance.

Vector will supply preventative fleet maintenance and proactive measures including parts inventory acquisition, towing and remedial repairs, as well as fleet management for 1,289 units. Vector will assist the City of Fayetteville in all aspects of its daily and emergency fleet operations; including fire and police vehicles, sanitary vehicles and equipment, heavy equipment, snow and lawn equipment and bucket trucks.

Our management system is experienced with relieving pressure on your government fleet management budget and reducing overall costs. Vector’s management controls parts, contractors, and overall maintenance costs below budget to allow a 10% sharing ratio on annual savings. Our ASE/EVT certified personnel, quality repair parts, and productive scheduling are a few factors in why our fleet management operation is so effective.

We will be upfitting a centrally located maintenance facility that features 41,000 sq. ft. of parts and shop storage, and is located on five fenced acres for privacy. We will serve as Fayetteville’s fleet maintenance hub with ample parking area and on-site offices. Vector will provide all services such as parts inventory, diagnostics, and shop tooling. Our state-of-the-art shop will also feature repair bays and lifts for cars and vehicles ranging from light automobiles to heavy duty trucks.

We will utilize our TMT Fleet Management Information System, or FMIS, to extract technician productivity data with the latest technology. We continuously access the system to look for counterproductive and unassigned labor by tracking hours of repair work in order for each technician to maintain a productivity rate of at least 85%.

Vector places priority on servicing critical vehicles that have broken down and must be serviced before we schedule repairs and preventative maintenance for vehicles that are not in use. We handle maintenance and repairs through our Preventative Maintenance Schedule in order to meet fleet management standards by increasing the lifespan of many vehicles. We find a direct correlation with a reduction capital expended for the assets of the fleet and an increase in overall efficiency of fleet operations.

Vector Fleet Management is a US owned and operated company since 1988 with trusted expertise in fleet maintenance. Our corporate offices are based in Charlotte, NC. We are proud to be involved with a range of industries, such as commercial construction and government at both county and municipal levels. We also are involved with the food service industry, transportation and energy, and the communication industry.

As a dedicated service provider, Vector Fleet Management also invests in our systems and employees. Our company provides competent services with our Fleet Management Information System, expertise in various FMIS platforms, and modern diagnostic tools.

Our performance threshold commitments present the highest in quality service and accountability. Vector Fleet Management is here to ensure you save time and money while providing excellent services.

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