Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-23T09:20:26-05:00


Below are commonly asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Why Consider Moving From In-house to a Contract Maintenance Partner?2022-02-09T08:44:40-05:00

Cost savings from outsourced maintenance are multi-faceted. Vector Fleet implements innovative and proven fleet maintenance solutions which improve fleet operations and extend vehicle life cycles. We also help mitigate some of the key cost-drivers found in fleet operating budgets. These include costs related to training, hiring, parts management, IT systems, insurance and current/legacy benefit costs.

Do I need a Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) in place to proceed with Vector partnership?2022-02-09T08:53:08-05:00

As part of our assessment, we examine your current information system to determine whether it’s suitable for a contracted maintenance partnership environment. Then, we can utilize your current system or offer our own industry-leading and proven TMT-based FMIS Solution. Implementing out FMIS platform avoids the capital intensive requirements needed to purchase or even maintain other systems. We also provide training and 24/7 on-line access to data housed in our FMIS.

What Happens To Our Technicians Should We Decide to Outsource?2018-04-16T18:59:48-04:00

Vector Fleet Management believes that retaining qualified technicians who know your fleet is a priority. We have a detailed transition plan for retaining qualified technicians, and offer industry-leading training and certifications to ensure employees remain at the top of their profession. Our transition plan incorporates drug testing, background checks and multi-tier assessment of technicians who wish to join our team.

How Are You Held Accountable Once a Contract is Signed?2018-04-16T18:59:32-04:00

Vector Fleet Management remains accountable to contracted maintenance partners in several ways. For example, we submit proposals which include performance thresholds such as:

  • Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) compliance
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Re-work percentage
  • Fleet availability metrics

Performance measures ensure the Vector delivers consistent results across the term of any contract.

My Fleet is Quite Diverse. Can you handle it?2021-06-22T11:02:50-04:00

Vector has extensive experience in both commercial and government sector contracted maintenance partnerships. Our breadth of experience spans light-duty vehicles to emergency response vehicles and apparatus, and ranges from heavy off-road equipment down to the smallest specialty tools. With over 32 years in the industry, we have continued to exceed expectations for servicing of fleets where diversity is the common theme.

What is a Dedicated Maintenance Partnership?2021-11-08T16:05:41-05:00

Essentially, it is fleet maintenance and management performed at your site or a site dedicated to support your fleet. In our case, we manage and maintain the facility and all equipment, allowing you to focus on your core business.

How can I be assured of technician quality?2021-11-08T16:04:04-05:00

At Vector Fleet Management, we recognize that our people are our greatest resource. With this in mind, we have a detailed and progressive curriculum in place for technician education and certification. VFM technicians are required to further their credentials. They further their credentials under the VTI (Vector Technical Institute), ASE and EVT training infrastructure. We also place the highest degree of importance on safety in the workplace. As a result, Vector Fleet has been and will remain ahead of the curve with regards to safety training and adherence to all OSHA and MSHA protocols. Our Safety Manager oversees all safety-related initiatives, including continuous training of our technicians.