Guida Dairy – A Winning Partnership Takes to the Road

Guida Dairy Fleet MaintenanceIn 2018, Guida’s Dairy decided to trust its vehicles to the authorities at Vector Fleet Management. Since its founding in 1988, Vector has been a leading fleet management company, and its corporate home is in Charlotte, N.C.

For its part, Guida’s Dairy is based in New Britain, Connecticut. It’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dairy Farmers of America. In Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York, Guida’s operates more than 100 refrigerated trailers as well as 80 tractors and straight trucks.

Guida’s Dairy Chooses Vector Fleet Management

In 2012, Guida’s Dairy began to outsource all of its fleet maintenance and repair operations to Transervice, a logistics company that’s headquartered in New Jersey. However, in 2018, Guida’s decided to enlist a new partner to handle those vital business needs.

To conduct a search, Guida’s Dairy turned to Transportation Consultants, an Atlanta-based company that specializes in fleet operations. Transportation Consultants gave Vector a request for proposal, and Vector agreed to take part in this process. During this search, Penske, Ryder, and Transervice likewise submitted bids.

From that group, Transportation Consultants selected two finalists: Transervice and Vector Fleet Management. In the end, it chose Vector. But what put Vector over the top? What made it stand out among such distinguished competitors?

Guida’s Dairy was looking for several major attributes in a fleet management company, all of which Vector is known for. These characteristics included the following:

  • Affordability and transparent cost reporting.
  • Accountability through fleet key performance indicators.
  • Responsiveness to breakdowns and other emergencies.
  • Excellent management of tire and parts inventories.
  • Timely communication with clients, especially when it comes to unit availabilities.

Vector’s deal with Guida’s Dairy outlines three primary deliverables: general fleet maintenance, fleet repair, and unit fueling. A team that includes one site manager and five technicians will handle these responsibilities. Meanwhile, Guida’s Dairy will provide the service vehicles and the facility where Vector’s professionals will work.

Vector’s contract with Guida’s Dairy represents the first application of its firm-fixed cost model, which covers labor, parts, and operating costs. This model is especially appropriate for government contracts, and it ensures the highest standards of financial accountability.

Vector’s Reputation for Excellence 

In short, Vector Fleet Management supplies food and beverage fleet maintenance with attentive and highly personalized services.

For example, Vector conducts its fleet maintenance duties during non-peak hours. Therefore, it doesn’t take vehicles off the job when they’re most needed. Moreover, Vector is known for its thorough and accurate log data. Indeed, its reporting methods follow all relevant DOT, OSHA, and DVIR regulations.

Above all, Vector delivers consistently outstanding results. It always keeps large fleets running at optimal levels.

For a free analysis of your fleet or to learn more about Vector’s many offerings, please get in touch with the company at your earliest convenience.

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