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Florida Fleet Maintenance

Vector Fleet Management’s corporate office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, but there are also several locations in the state of Florida. We have been a trusted, dedicated source for contract fleet maintenance since 1988. Our turnkey and fleet maintenance services have improved availability of equipment and life expectancy, as well as costs and service levels. Our company accomplishes this by deploying vocation-specific competitive tire, parts maintenance strategies and tactics, fleet planning, highly-skilled qualified technicians, and a fleet management system that’s second to none.

At Vector Fleet Management, our number one priority is maintenance. We consistently deliver personalized and dependable cost-effective solutions to our clients. We improve maintenance performance for our clients so they can focus more on improving their business and their bottom line.

Commercial Fleet Maintenance in Florida

Our staff members at Vector Fleet Management offer solutions for unpredictable, complex, and costly businesses. In the state of Florida, we have driven costs down and improved commercial fleet maintenance with our proven approach, and, in turn, we’ve managed over a billion dollars in overall assets.

A variety of industries and equipment types are included in the fleet maintenance services we offer to our customers in Florida, including:

Transit, Governmental, and Municipal Fleet Maintenance in Florida

We attribute the success of our transit fleet program to the proper management and maintenance of the fleet. At every level of a customer’s fleet lifespan, our proven approach has produced a significant reduction in costs and operational effectiveness.

Governmental, as well as municipal fleets, are in high demand in Florida. Our expert service is carefully geared toward preventive government fleet maintenance. We have experienced, qualified technicians who guarantee 24/7 mobility for government fleets all across America, as well as efficient operations and maximum fleet availability.

Our government fleet maintenance contracts are competitively awarded. We attribute our success on our ability to achieve similar requirements more efficiently while preserving and cultivating our quality service. Our cost-effective fleet maintenance program is able to meet tight budgets safely through our ability to assist government services.

Municipal fleets keep our counties and cities mobilized including electricity, sanitation, water, and transportation services. If there is any disruption to these services, we will fix these problems quickly and efficiently to keep everything flowing smoothly.<
Mining, Heavy Equipment, and Construction

Our ability to fully integrate our approach and methodology with the extensive and dynamic operations that exist in most mining and construction sites makes our company, Vector Fleet Management, a leader in construction and mining fleet maintenance.

Florida Fleet Maintenance: Utilities and Telecom

Our telecom and utility fleets keep your fleet performance running smoothly and deliver consistent, quality customer service.

Florida Fleet Maintenance: Food and Beverage

We have serviced food and beverage distribution fleets for years. We have adapted our maintenance plan to fit your company’s specific operational requirements. Advanced preventive maintenance planning, extended service hours, and repairs have significantly improved customer delivery turnaround times.

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    Why Fleet Maintenance Experience Matters

    Fleet Availability

    Fleet Management Information System (FMIS)

    You will often need to make important business decisions. Our Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) can help you get the job done with its unlimited analysis tools, operational tools, and reports. Vector Fleet Management’s experienced technicians can integrate a large-scale FMIS platform into our current fleet maintenance program. We also have other options available that can be used in an incumbent platform. Our Fleet Management Information System platform is based on TMW Systems TMT software, and contains an assortment of essential functions that can be used to effectively manage our fleet maintenance services. Most of our customers have vetted and recommended our platform.

    The following key components and features are included with our Fleet Management Information System (FMIS):

    • Customized Preventive Inspections Notification Settings and Intervals
    • Integrated Warranty Tracking with Parts Management
    • Extensive Reporting Functionality
    • Mileage and Fuel Management Update Imports
    • Online Client Access 24/7
    • Fleet Cost Centers at the Department Level
    • Shop Floor Workstations for Mechanics
    • Shop Maintenance Planner
    • Detailed Unit Masters

    Specific Solutions for Your Business

    Everyone has different individual situations and needs. Vector Fleet Management understands this, which is why our fleet maintenance program reduces not only your stress level, but your overhead, risk, and liability costs as well. The individuality of every fleet hinges upon a successful fleet maintenance program. A detailed Scope of Services is included with every client deployment. Application, vocation, operators, life cycles, equipment, and usage are evaluated and taken into account with each customer engagement.

    Fleet maintenance programs are primarily based on two key objectives: generic platforms and generic assumptions. Vector Fleet Management gets this, which is why your business objectives and fundamental expectations require solutions that are well-thought-out and specific to your company’s needs.

    Improved Workflow

    An important component of our Florida fleet maintenance system is how scheduled workflow in and out of the shop can be optimized properly, as well as the technicians’ workflow.

    We establish the necessary protocols and intervals required to ensure that all vehicles and equipment can be serviced as necessary when meeting with our clients. Automated alerts are sent via e-mail to employees with our Preventive Inspection schedules. From there, the operations team can pre-load the shop’s work volumes into the Shop Planner. Techs will then check the Shop Planner to review any ad hoc repair work or maintenance tasks that their supervisors assigned to them.

    Workflow optimization plans for fleet maintenance must be executed continuously. Our experienced team at Vector Fleet Management can modify your existing work optimization plan to your precise needs in order to deliver consistent results during the entire contract term.

    Knowledgeable Technicians

    Successful fleet maintenance operations are primarily built around the quality of the assigned staff members who administer the service mandate.

    Because fleet maintenance is our specialty at Vector Fleet Management, it’s important that we recruit, hire, and retain qualified technicians. Our turnover rate among our technicians is low because we offer a competitive salary and benefits package and extensive training. We also appreciate and respect what our employees do on the job every day. Our technicians are the heart and soul of our business. We offer some of the best incentives in the industry, as well as professional development and advancement opportunities.

    The expectations and standards that Vector Fleet Management sets for our technicians are high, which is why we are one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and best-trained teams in the fleet maintenance industry.

    Certified Technician Program


    In order for our technicians at Vector Fleet Management to keep up with changing technological demands without any lost productivity, they attend specialized schools to receive continuous in-person and online training. They participate in an assortment of training programs, including:

    • Vector Fleet Management Certified TechniciansRefrigeration equipment training (Thermo-King and Carrier)
    • ASE Blue Seal shop certifications/ASE Blue Seal shop certifications for cross-training
    • First aid and first responder training
    • OEM Specialized diagnostic and component training
    • IS Networld programs
    • Emergency Vehicle Training through appropriate contact sites
    • OSHA, state-level, and MSHA safety training

    For more information about using Vector Fleet Management for your Florida business, and to receive a free cost study analysis, give us a call today.

    We’ll be happy to work with you.

    Florida Fleet Maintenance

    Vector Wins Contract for the city of Coconut Creek, Florida

    Vector Fleet Management has won a competitive five-year fleet maintenance contract to manage 636 units for the city of Coconut Creek, Florida.


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