New Fleet Maintenance Facility on Track for Opening Day

Vector Fleet Management revealed significant new details about ongoing preparations for its new facility located at 131 Pepsi Lane in Fayetteville. Vector recently entered into a 20-year contract with the City of Fayetteville. The new facility will offer a full spectrum of cutting-edge fleet management, maintenance, and cost control services.  The modified 41,000 square-foot, a former beverage bottling and distribution center, has now become high-tech, fleet management and maintenance workshop and vehicle storage facility.

The new facility will function as a vital hub for a variety of vehicles owned and operated by the City of Fayetteville. It will encompass four key elements:

  • Automotive Workshop Infrastructure
  • Tooling and Fabrication
  • Administrative Offices and Customer Waiting Area
  • Parking and Storage

The new facility will accommodate a variety of different vehicle sizes and weights. The City of Fayetteville’s fleet includes fire rescue apparatus, police cars, emergency vehicles, heavy trucks and equipment, snow plows, lawn maintenance equipment, bucket trucks, and refuse trucks. And the new facility offers specialized lifts and repair bays to service these various types of vehicles.

Vector Fleet has invested in 6 automotive/SUV/Light Truck lifts and 2 Medium/Heavy Duty Truck lifts in order to provide tailored maintenance services for the different types of vehicles within the City’s fleet. Additionally, Vector Fleet has established a total of 22 new repair bays (12 for automobiles and Light Trucks, 6 for Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks, and 4 for specialized Refuse Trucks and Equipment repair services). This careful planning ensures repairs occur as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

The new facility encompasses a total of five acres. This fully fenced site offers the capability to undertake money-saving preventative fleet maintenance with its greatest emphasis on repairing mission critical vehicles following a breakdown. When they don’t work on providing remedial repairs to essential vehicles, certified technicians will perform routine maintenance services on a tightly regulated schedule for the city’s large fleet.

Under its new contract, Vector Fleet carries the responsibility of performing maintenance, repair, state inspections, and diagnostic procedures. It will also maintain a  large diverse parts inventory to facilitate timely repairs. The company utilizes its sophisticated Fleet Management Information System (“FMIS”). This software permits Vector Fleet to monitor the productivity of its workforce in detail. For example, managers know precisely how much time employees expend completing each repair order. They encourage service technicians to maintain a minimum 85% productivity level in order to reduce waste and duplicate efforts.

Vector Fleet Management expects to help the City of Fayetteville save money and improve its’ fleet performance through careful management at the new facility. The facility remains on track to open on schedule on July 1, 2019.

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