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Another element of our program is the comprehensive management and efficient supply of parts and tires which support our fleet maintenance mandate. Vector Fleet has built extensive Parts sourcing networks across the country to support our contracts and this can be leveraged to your benefit. These programs are available in two methods, one approach is as an aside to the dedicated Fleet Maintenance program, where we will maintain and operate a parts program within your shop to assist our Fleet Management program. In this program you benefit from all the below features, in addition to Vector Fleet Management’s already robust Fleet Management program, which will further reduce your costs, improve your ROI, and extend the life of your fleet, while realizing benefits from the in-house warranty program.

The second version of this program is a dedicated Parts Management program only, while you will benefit from all below benefits, and even further customization to meet your needs, you will continue to operate the technician side of your shop on your own accord. With this version, Vector Fleet Management will operate the “Parts Room” only, improving your work flow, parts and tire availability, warranty work approval rates, and protect your investments by offering obsolescence protection, and offer you access to a huge network of National Vendors. These processes combined will lower costs, increase efficiencies, offer you more access to features you may not be using in your current FMIS, or access to an all new FMIS, as well as guarantee a proven and accessible network of vendors that have already been tested and used across the country by a variety of similar clients with high success rates.


  • Inventory carrying costs borne by Vector Fleet
  • Accurate inventory tracking and RO level assignment of parts
  • Supply Chain metrics in place: Min/Max, Lead times, Reorder points
  • Vetted supplier network for Light Duty, Heavy Duty and Off Road parts
  • Elimination of parts obsolescence
  • National pricing agreements to lower acquisition costs
  • Integrated Warranty Recovery program
  • Experience and Integration with multiple F.M.I.S. systems in use across the United States


  • National pricing agreements to lower acquisition costs
  • Specific Tread and Compound selections which match your fleet vocation
  • Scrap Tire Analysis and Warranty Recovery
  • Mounted tire/wheel program management
  • Wheel reconditioning
  • Alignment program

These two vital components are areas where significant savings can be realized, where your company can benefit from our experience. No cookie cutter approach here. Every Parts and Tire program is designed and implemented from fleet specific specifications. Don’t settle for less, contact us to learn more!

Our staff is relentless in their pursuit of material and financial warranty.

Vector Fleet Management implements warranty tracking methods to ensure our clients maximize claims:

  • Via our Fleet Management Information System (F.M.I.S.) all warranties are tracked
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) Warranties are maximized
  • Replacement Component Warranties are maximized.
  • Integrated Warranty alerts at our F.M.I.S. Mechanic Workstations
  • Automated Daily Warranty Summary is sent to our Site Supervisors to ensure all claims are submitted
  • Regular Scrap Tire Analyses to ensure warranty conditions are identified

See below for some of Vector Fleet Management’s Preferred Vendors:

Contact us today to see how our fleet maintenance program can reduce your parts & tire costs!