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Cause and Effect of Deferring Preventive Maintenance…

Cause and Effect of Deferring Preventive Maintenance

Cause and effect of deferring preventive maintenance can be felt for years to come. With a new preventive maintenance in place will not overturn your fleet in a night, but will put you on the right track for proper maintenance and getting your fleet up to standards.

Every situation of deferring routine maintenance has its own possible outcome, usually costs could become greater, effect your downtime or more severe. Deferring an oil leak could risk blowing a motor or deferring a tire replacement that may cause an accident on the road. Studies have shown that deferred maintenance costs rise quickly in a short period of time.

A good fleet maintenance and management program should be considered as a necessity. This is not something you should put off. Vector Fleet Management strongly believes that having a full preventive maintenance program is essential and critical to your fleet’s performance.

When you have a good preventive maintenance program in place thoroughly checks and takes care of your fleet from top to bottom. Preventive maintenance and management programs can prevent breakdowns, wear and tear and expensive DOT fines or high (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) CSA scores. This program can also predict possible problems and equipment failures before a problem arises.

Incorporating a routine Preventive Maintenance and Management Program can achieve the following:

  • Minimizes breakdown maintenance (towing)
  • Reduce capital costs
  • Reduce excessive repairs and major component repair
  • Reduce operator inconvenience
  • Increase fleet vehicle uptime
  • Life expectancy of equipment
  • Most importantly ensure the safety of your operators and the entire fleet.

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